In support of higher education, recognition of personal achievement, and Filipino American culture, we are honored to award collegiate women of Filipino heritage with partial educational funding. Scholarship recipients are selected based on scores for Written Essay (50%); and Presentation of Essay (50%) at The Sampaguita Ball in July 2020, when the final scholarship recipients will be selected.


Any single woman of Filipino heritage, born female, never married, and has never given birth to any children, is eligible to participate in the Miss Sampaguita USA 2020 Scholarship Competition. She must currently be matriculated, full or part time and in good standing, at an accredited U.S. college or university, as an undergraduate or post‐graduate student.


  • Miss Sampaguita USA 2020 | $2,000.00 college scholarship

  • 1st Runner‐Up | $500.00 college scholarship

  • 2nd Runner‐Up | $300.00 college scholarship

  • 3rd Runner-Up | $250.00 college scholarship

  • 4th Runner-Up | $200 college scholarship


  1. She must be nominated by a group, club, or organization, which shall serve as her base of support. Organizations can be school-based (sorority, fraternity, chess club, band, Filipino club, etc.) or community-based (non-profits, organizations, dance groups, etc.);
  2. She must provide valid proof of matriculation in a U.S. college or university (student ID) or letter of college acceptance, if no ID yet.
  3. She must submit a self-written essay of no more than 300 words on a given topic by a given deadline;
  4. She must be present at the Sampaguita Ball on a Saturday in July 2020 at a venue to be announced.


Winning scholars will be selected on a point system based on the strength of her Written Essay (50 points); and Presentation of Essay (50 points) at the Sampaguita Ball. Details below.

I. ESSAY (50% of total score) 

Judged on the following criteria:

  1. Comprehension (1‐25 points) How well does the essay reflect a thorough understanding of the essay topic issue?
  2. Organization | Writing | Grammar (1‐25 points) Does the argument follow a logical and easily understood progression? Is the essay written well?

Essay Topic: 300-word Essay (Instructions will be sent to nominees.)

“The Sampaguita Group was founded on a mission to reverse the trend of Educational Downward Mobility among second-generation Filipino Americans. Tell us why it’s important for women to finish college and what actions you would take, at school and within your social circles, to help reverse the trend of Educational Downward Mobility?”

II. PRESENTATION OF ESSAY (50% of total score)

Judged at the Sampaguita Ball, in July 2020, on the following criteria:

  1. Essay Reading (1-25 points) How compelling is the participant in presenting her essay/argument to the public? Did she answer the essay question?
  2. Self-Confidence | Personality | Poise (1-25 points) Would the participant be an ideal collegiate spokesperson for The Sampaguita Group? Does she possess a thorough understanding of the issue of Educational Downward Mobility and the confidence to help further our goal of spreading awareness about the issue?


Students must be nominated by an officer of an organization. **We do not accept nominations from friends or family members.**

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    Thank you for nominating a Filipino American college student. Please click the SEND button below to submit your nomination. We will reach out to the student. We look forward to seeing you cheer for her at The Sampaguita Ball in July 2020, to be held at a venue to be announced.